Simple tips to make new friends

Are you a shy person? Not confident enough to make new friends?

Well, it can be quite intimidating to make new friends; but it’s really worthwhile. After all, friends and family are a huge part of our lives. We share our passions, ups & downs, joys, problems and almost everything under the sun.

All of us have these different types of friends: Acquaintances (who we connect at workplace mostly), Regular buddies (who we meet up over weekends or have a chat once in a while), Best friends (basically, your 3AM buddy). But there are instances, when we are traveling or have shifted to a new place – and all our friends are far away and with no one to meet or connect with, life becomes quite lonely.

Check out some of these simple tips to make new friends:

  1. Don’t hesitate: More often than not the fear to reach out to a new person is all in the head. The best way to overcome this is to just go ahead and say ‘Hi’.
  2. Start with known people: Connect with office acquaintances or folks from your study group – and expand your friend circle.
  3. Get out: Yes, step out. Go attend events or programs that interest you – where you can meet like-minded folks.
  4. Keep an open mind: Don’t judge, be open to new people. Hear out and you will surely meet someone to connect with.
  5. Be yourself: Be genuine and people will start connecting with you faster.
  6. Keep in touch: It’s very important to stay in touch – it could just be an SMS of a phone call once in a while.

Technology has made communication so easy that it’s difficult not to stay in touch. Hope you find these tips useful. Which can you apply to make new friends right away?

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