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Are you a lone traveler? Then you should definitely know how to make new friends or acquaintances when traveling alone! You don’t necessarily be a social butterfly, and it isn’t as touch as you think to make new friends when traveling. Well, you might think that ‘how can we just go talk to random strangers?’, when traveling or backpacking solo, this really doesn’t matter. Because you will realize that it’s the folks you meet along the way who make travel such a rewarding experience.

Whether you want to meet the locals, or are searching for a fellow backpacker to go off the beaten track with – check out these tips to help you meet people on your travel escapades.

  • Keep an open mind

By keeping an open mind when you travel, you’ll meet diverse people from all over the world that you would never normally meet back home. Differences such as age become irrelevant and people will surprise you time and time again.

  • Stay in a hostel when you are traveling solo

Hostel stay is always recommended. This is the best way to meet people while travelling solo; you simply can’t beat the social aspect of staying in a hostel. Don’t just take our word for it though: ask any solo traveler and they’ll say the same thing.

  • Explore the foodie in you

Sharing food with others is a guaranteed way to get the conversation flowing and meet new people, whether it’s in the hostel kitchen or a local gastro group.

  • Learn the local lingo

It’s usually ok to get by with just English and some resourceful sign language while travelling, but knowing the basic words in the local lingo will help. A little more than the basics will aid you in connecting with Non-English speaking travelers – giving you a whole new outlook.

  • Opt for a group tour

As exciting and therapeutic as solo travel can be, every now and then it’s good to be part of a group and not have to make all the plans by yourself. If you’ve been travelling alone for a while, you may want to consider joining a group tour for a few weeks.

  • Be Flexible

The thing about travelling alone, is that you’ll meet SO many new people, every so often just for an evening before you all go your separate ways. But when you find someone you connect with, there’s no reason why you can’t change your plans and explore together. So, be flexible with your travel plans.

  • Meet people what share mutual interests

Always try and meet people who have the same interest as yours. Be it food, traveling, or sports, entertainment or a simple beach outing. This makes your journey more enjoyable. is like an airplane – where two people sit next to each other; except that you don’t have to buy an airplane ticket or let airline policy decide who you would be seated next to. All you have to do is to think what you would like to do and then choose your partner from right where you are.

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