Friends and friendships are what make our life complete. All of us have friends, some are life-long and some are short-term. But we can all agree that friends are the ones who bring new things and exciting things in our lives.

Friends are like accessories; you can never have enough! There is this popular saying by Carrie Bradshaw that goes – “Dreams change, trends come and go, but friendship never goes out of style.” Our friends add meaning to our lives; no matter which part they play.

In fact, having a great set of friends actually increases our chances of living a longer, healthier and happier life. Check out this types of buddies we all have or should have:

The Reliable Sibling

He or She is the one who makes fun of you when you make any silly mistakes or goof up – but the same person is right there as a wall when you face any problems.  These friends typically know everything about you and your life—so much so, they are like a brother or sister to you.

The Love to Hate buddy

This person is the bang-on opposite to what you are. Exactly, an example for “opposites attract”. While the two of you can never see eye to eye on any subject, this friendship encourages you to get out of your comfort zone and open your mind. We all need someone to counter our decisions.

The Stylish one

The latest hair styles, trending dresses, the latest gadget – all this and more is what this friend is known for! This friend keeps you in the loop and ensures your sociability. This is the kind of friend you put on speed dial, for whenever you are stuck with something you aren’t aware of.

The all-perfect buddy

All of us have one friend – who our parents or relatives compare us to. Well-educated and career driven, and always with a plan; this friend inspires us day-in and day-out with their organized way of life and extremely productive work ethics. One can always turn to him / her for both personal and professional advice.

The adventure junkie

Wanderlust, foodie, traveler, roadie, motor head – these are just some of the names you refer this friend with. We all have one in our gang! This guy / gal is always on the look-out for new adventures, activities and things to explore. Adds the very much required spice to our lives!

The office acquaintance

The right combo of friend and colleague, the ‘frolleague’ is the main reason you look forward to post-work get togethers. The one person who can sympathize with your intense work hours and your boss’ work pressures, this person is your go-to source for everything office and professional.

ThisTangle represents a shared, intentional knot in the fabric of people’s lives. The knot that entangles them to engage, meet for a purpose, activity or even a task, and gives them fulfillment and allows them to meet their objectives. Check thisTangle out today!