Sharing your love for soccer with a companion

Ricky was a big soccer fan, and he has just recently shifted base to London.

He had a big social circle in his hometown, and used to play and attend all the games – both major league and regional with his group of fellow soccer aficionados. But now, that he is a new place – he is all lost and doesn’t have any friends, not yet anyway.

Ricky is in his late 20s and works in an investment banking firm. His typical days are filled with files, paper work, and calls – and he barely gets to physically meet people, leave alone meeting any people. He pulls in 50 hour weeks, and is a big workaholic.

Soccer is his getaway and he used to ensure that few hours of his weekends are dedicated to it. Now with a new place and new city – he goes ahead and:

  • Makes a list of soccer groups and clubs
  • Joins few local soccer leagues & play groups
  • Registers on both online and offline groups
  • Starts connecting with people via chats, emails, etc.

Initially, he found it quite difficult to find companions who share his love for soccer. But slowly but surely, he started getting connected with soccer lovers and people who shared his interest in soccer. All this was possible, thanks to – a platform where you can expect to get together with different people to serve mutual interests.

Now, every weekend and during special events – Ricky just logs on to to not just connect with soccer lovers but also to play soccer.