Most of us would like to make new friends. And these days, making new friends online has more or less become the norm.

Blogs are the best tools to potentially connect with hundreds of people and make strong bonds with some of them too. Blogging isn’t just about journaling your thoughts or feelings – it can act as a career boosting platform, promote your business or meet lots of fun and interesting folks.

Check out some of these pointers on how one can make new friends and nurture fresh relationships through the medium of blogs:

  1. Open a blog: First and foremost – just go ahead and start a blog. There are several free platforms to create your own blog. The popular ones being – WordPress, Medium and Tumblr.
  2. Keep interacting: Don’t just publish a blog, go around visiting other blogs of your interest and interact with them. This can be through commenting, contacting, following, tagging and sharing.
  3. Audience outreach: Build email lists, add your blog followers to your newsletter or make them subscribe to your blog. And then ensure they are updated with your latest updates and write-ups.
  4. Provide Value: Do not just write generic stuff. Every once in a while put up some informative and knowledgeable content about the interests that you follow. This will make your readers come back often.
  5. Start talking: Once you have built a good follower base, start interacting with your audience via other online channels like social media and try to even meet them face-to-face.

Follow these steps to ensure that you aren’t just a regular blogger – but someone human with whom people can connect.

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