Moving to a new city or a country? Well, first thing first – it’s always exciting when you move abroad or to a new place as it opens up doors to various interesting opportunities, relationships and more.

As soon as you settle down in a new place, the immediate to-do thing is to find some acquaintances. The only problem is knowing when and how to start!

Go through this helpful list of tips and suggestions on how to go about making new friends in a new place:

  1. Friends’ friends: Yes, the best place to start is check with your existing friends if they know anyone in the new city/country that you are relocating to. This eases things out, as you will have something in common with the new connections.
  2. What’s your favorite sport? If you are not a ‘sports’ guy – it’s always recommended to find and get accustomed to one. A sport is something where folks get connected quicker and easier. Now with the online boom, there is huge scope in online gaming as well.
  3. Learn the local language: Put in some efforts to learn the basics of the local language or lingo. This makes you connect easier with people – as verbal communication is the best source to connect with people.
  4. Be positive and open-minded: Open up and be more accommodating with people around you. Start by helping folks and be proactively involved with local activities – slowly but surely people will notice you and get closer.
  5. Find the right flat mate: If you’re alone – go ahead and find the right flat mate rather than the flat itself. Make use of local listings and social media to find the right flat mate to share you apartment / flat with.

Follow these steps, and see your social circle widening before you know it. The most important thing to keep in mind is to be positive and social.

It is our sincere hope and expectation that many people from different backgrounds, who may be worlds apart, could come together using this platform for a mutual interest that would leave them both happier and enhanced. Check thisTangle out today!