Making new friends and acquaintances

Man is a social animal.

But we see these days that more and more people are getting affected by loneliness, with almost no social connects – people are burdened mentally and physically with inactivity.

Everyone has interest and passion in various activities. People like to play games, attend events, go for walks or just want to talk to someone. But the problem is that, they don’t find people with the same interests to connect with.

And especially if you are in a new country, city or just joined a new job – it’s very difficult to make new friends and acquaintances. So what are some of the ways to overcome this and make new friends?

Listed below are few suggestions:

  1. Reach out: Don’t wait for people to reach out to you. Step up and start conversations. Take initiative.
  2. Join a club/group: Find out activity groups and clubs that are in-line with your interests – and join them.
  3. Be friendly: Be more forthcoming and friendly – so that people connect with you easily.
  4. Listen more: When connecting with new people – try and listen more to what they say. This will ensure they open up and relate with you.
  5. Connect with friends of friends: Your friends might not be near you – but reach out connect with friends of friends. This works especially online.
  6. Keep in touch: Stay in touch with all people you meet regularly and whom you don’t as well.
  7. Be yourself: Lastly, just be yourself! People want to know the real you.

All these and more are possible with – which gives everyone an opportunity to express themselves without the fear of pre-judgement as it might be the case in many other social media platforms.

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