Lonely? thisTangle to the rescue

Consider this…

Pete has migrated to the UK, and lands in the Heathrow airport. It dawns upon him, as he is headed to his hotel – that he doesn’t know anyone in London; his to be home for the next couple of years.

For the first time in his life, Pete is staying away from his family and friends in a completely new city. To cope up with his loneliness, he drowns himself completely in work. But inadvertently, cannot escape his loneliness at the end of the day and during weekends.

As his job involves sitting in front of a laptop all day – he doesn’t get time or opportunities to make friends. The Internet is the only thing closest to a companion that he got. Pete tries to seek companionship via various Social Media platforms that are available – but soon realizes that he really cannot have quality conversations on these channels.

One day, he bumps into a social media platform – that offers to connect like-minded people sharing similar interests. Just out of curiosity, he goes ahead and registers himself and creates a topic and logs out. Apprehensively, he signs into the platform the next day – and is quite surprised to see few people reaching out to him. Soon he starts to connect with the group of people, and then they take their conversations offline as well.

Slowly but surely, Pete builds his friend network and starts socializing with more people. He ends up forging good relationships and friendships – and his loneliness is now become a thing of the past. Thankfully!

thisTangle is a platform (much like the one Pete used) that connects – Lonely people, Singles, Activity focused groups and people (tennis, running, walking partners, etc), Recent international movers / expats / travelers and more.

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