How to start a conversation

With the onset of internet, we all are connecting with people online – all the time. These can be known associates, prospective clients, customers, colleagues, or just old friends. But there are times, when we are lost for words when starting a conversation – especially, when connecting with potential friends online. So, how do we overcome this and start a conversation?

Whether you’re well-versed at starting conversations or struggle with making small talk, knowing how and where to start is an important skill. Read on, for some effective ways to start a conversation:

  1. Introduce yourself

An introduction is the best way of initiating a conversation with a stranger. It’s particularly effective if there are no other obvious conversation starters to rely on.

  • Get information

One simple tactic for starting a conversation with a stranger is to ask them a question or a series of questions. Depending on the situation, you might ask them about the weather, what they’re having for lunch or about a shared interest.

  • Talk about a shared interest

Make use your surroundings to help you establish a conversation with a stranger. For example, if you’re attending an event, ask the person next to you what they think about the event. Or say you’re getting lunch, point out your favorite dish to the person next to you in line.

  • Give a compliment

Another trick to begin a conversation with someone new is to compliment them. This strategy usually leads to a pleasant discussion about the item or element you’ve complimented.

  • Open-ended questions

Another easy route for starting a conversation with a stranger is to ask open-ended questions. This strategy works best when you’re attending a shared event and can ask about the other person’s experience.

  • Be straightforward

Sometimes the best way to begin a conversation is to be direct about what you’re looking for or need. For example, if you’re lost, ask for directions.

  • Offer help

If you see a stranger struggling with something, offering to help them is a great way to start a conversation. It can be as simple as offering to carry any extra luggage.

  • Discuss mutual interests

“I see you also follow our local football team. I just went to a game last week! Have you been to any games this year?” – is a good example of a conversation starter between football fans!

  • Ask their opinion

Consider asking a stranger for their opinion to open a conversation. This is a great strategy if say – you’re out to lunch for example.

  • Tell a joke

A good sense of humor is the best conversation starter! Go ahead tell a joke – but be sure that it is relevant to the situation when you meet the person.

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