Sure shot ways to connect with like minded people

All of us like to meet new people, especially the like-minded ones who share the same interests as we do!

We hear or see several instances where people make friends during traveling, or playing a game or attending a concert / event. In all these cases, the common this is the mutual interest – People tend to make connections faster when the feelings and tastes are mutual.

But there are times, when we are left all alone – especially during instances like the current pandemic situation. So how do we overcome this and meet new and like-minded folks?

Let’s check out some of the most common ways to meet or make new acquaintances:

  1. Through connections: We meet new people through mutual connections – basically family friends and friends of friends. In these cases, check out what the other person’s interests are and then take it the next level.
  2. Specific clubs / groups: Join groups or clubs (either offline or online) that come under your interests. You are definitely going to meet lot of folks who share the same interest as you do – be it swimming, sports, singing, arts, et al.
  3. Events: Attending large gatherings / crowd pulling events like a soccer game, or a musical concert – is another sure shot way for your to connect with people of the same mind-set.

In all these cases, connect with them – engage with them – discuss your interests – share your opinions and then take it to the next stage, where you can keep getting together for similar activities.

Just remember that, people tend to make connections faster when the feelings and tastes are mutual. And what better way than to register with and do just that!

This Tangle is a platform where you can expect to get together with different people to serve mutual interests: from a walk in the park to attending a pottery class together, or even tick off something from your bucket list, the sky’s the limit. All this without having to socialize on social media platforms.