Beach Holiday

Alexa loves going to the beach every once in a while. But being new in the city – the only option she has is to go alone to the beach. On the other hand, Jose a professional swimmer and also a beach regular – is left to go all alone to the beach as he has zero social circle and friends.

Every time they plan to go to the beach to have a nice time, they end up going alone. Though they tried to connect with folks and make friends who can accompany them – they always ended up alone.

One day Alexa came across while searching online for folks interested in going for a beach trip. She was pleasantly surprised, as she came by several planned events of beach trips and beach holidays; and without wasting any time she started showing interest in few of them. Just a little earlier, Jose had also registered on thisTangle and had created few beach trip events. Incidentally, Alexa shows interest in a beach holiday event created by Jose.

The very next day as both Jose and Alexa check out their event plan – they end up connecting with each other online, have a chat and once they realize that they share mutual interests; exchange their contact details and agree to for the each holiday.

They meet up early Saturday morning and drive down to the beach –

  • They start with a nice quick breakfast enroute to the beach
  • Once they reach the beach they spend some time playing some volleyball
  • Followed by a nice walk on the beach and a dip in the ocean.
  • After spending some time swimming they unwind over few drinks looking at the sunset
  • And wrap it up with a nice dinner.

All this thanks to – a platform where you can expect to get together with different people to serve mutual interests. Now, Alexa and Jose continue widening their friends circle – and they meet and plan their holidays and trips via thisTangle.