Making friends as an adult

As a kid, making friends is kind of easy and quick. Whether you were at school, at sports practice, or just hanging around the neighborhood, you were probably surrounded by other people your age. But figuring out how to make friends as an adult can be a tad bit complicated.

If you’ve outgrown some of your childhood friendships — perhaps relocated to a new city, or started a new phase of your life — you may be pondering how to make friends as an adult. Check out some of these tips to potentially make new friends:

  1. Be Realistic

As you age, priorities usually change and we become more protective of our free time because it feels much more limited. As a result, adults tend to be more selective about their friendships, so be mindful that it may take some time to find your people.

  • Start talking

Whenever you’re around people, there’s the potential to find new friends. Chat up your neighbor at the coffee shop. Talk to the person waiting for their car at the car wash. Just start talking and build conversations.

  • Foster your hobbies

Taking time out to nurture something you enjoy doing can help you forge new friendships.

  • Try new things

If your current work situation and social schedule aren’t providing fruitful friend options, consider trying a brand-new activity to meet a brand-new group of people. Keep trying new things, and this will help in building new friendships.

  • Volunteer of join a cause

Volunteering and participating in community programs are great sources to make new friends and connections. And even if you don’t meet your future friend, your time is well spent for a cause you believe in — so it’s a win-win.

  • Work outside home

Don’t work from home. Take a break once in a while and hit a coffee shop or rent a co-working space; these are the best places to make new acquaintances.

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