While we believe we have designed the website to be intuitive and easy to follow, we know that we aren't perfect. Below, please find answers to some of the questions you might have. For anything more, please do not hesitate to contact us

thisTangle is an activity based platform that takes the focus away from you, towards an activity that you want to pursue and helps you find others who would like to do it too. This gives everyone an opportunity to express themselves without the fear of pre-judgement as it might be the case in many other social media platforms. With this tool designed for everyone to use freely and with a simple yet intuitive design, we hope that you will find it much more welcoming to use. Here you can create your desired events without having to reveal your identity first. You can create multiple events at a time and also choose to attend any number of events you like.

Searching for events that you are interested in, can be done in the following ways:

  • You can search using

    • Keywords: Look for the search box on the top. You can enter for anything you like (say ‘sports’, ‘chat’, ‘games’, ‘London’ or even ‘dinner’). Or you can use a keyword in combination with other options described below. For that, you will have to use the search box provided on the left panel on the landing page.

    • Location or on map: You can specify a location for the events by using the location option or by clicking on the . In the , you can specify a radius for your search. The events will be shown on a map, where you can click on them to find out more.

    • Number of people: You can specify the number of people the the over of an activity has mentioned would join the event in the search box here

    • Age of participants: You can ask the events to be listed that have participants only from an age group(s) you specify here

    • Expected date: You can also choose to see the events that are available on the dates you want to search for by specifying the date range here:

    • Event category: Finally, you can also choose events based on their pre assigned category by looking up the list of categories here

  • Tags: When you are searching by keyword, the tags are also searched to give you the best matching results. You can also click on a tag (shown on the events with a preceding ‘#’), which will give you results for events matching that tag. 

  • Sort by comments and likes or distance from a location

  • Browse latest events

  • New/ Recent events: Latest events show up at the top bar on the landing page to allow you to choose something new.
  • Sort events: You can sort events by comments and likes or distance from a location using the sorting drop down facility
  • Event Details: Click anywhere on an event to see more information about events like videos and pictures the authors might have posted.
  • Read and post comments: You can click on comments for any event from the landing page view or see event details to enter your comments and browse other comments.

You need to have an account with us to participate in events or create your own events.

  • Signing up: You can Sign up by clicking the menu option  on the top right of the landing page.  If you want to use your google account to login, you can skip this step and go directly to login.
  • Login: Use the option at the top right of the landing page to login using the details you signed up with or using google account.
  • Password reset: If you need help with password, please click on Login and then go to ‘Forgot password’ at the bottom of that window.
  • Join an event: You can join an event when you are logged in. Once you have found the event you would like to join, click on “I am in” button 

           Once you have requested to join an event, you can find out more about the event by clicking on “Proposal” option. 

  • While applying, you can ask questions to the event creator
  • You can even send messages via chat to the event creator (go to My applications from ‘applications’ menu on the top and the click on the chat  icon that is shown next to the event name.
  • You can specify your preferred date and time in the application
  • If you are accepted for an event, you will receive a notification and you can discuss further details with the event creator. The event will be added to your calendar and you will be notified 1 day before the event begins. 
  • If you are rejected for an event: You will be notified. You have the option to create another event similar to that event and then invite others to participate.
  • You can also choose to like an event by clicking on in that event, or you can interact on that event by using the comments section. If you have some information to share or you have already finished an event, please feel free to use the comment section to share your experience.

You can create your own events in a few different ways:

  • Cloning another event: If you liked an event, but for some reason you would like to create your own event similar to it, you can use the option. 
  • Creating an event from scratch: If you click on  in the top menu, you can create your own events. You will be asked to choose either creating it from templates (we are always adding new!), which will pre-populate most of the fields, or you can choose to start from a blank event form. 
  • New event format:
    • Describe your event with suitable title, event category and a long description. 
    • Event location has to be specified and is aided by looking up on the map. 
    • You can attach the tags to your event that you see best to describe your event. 
    • Please use the ‘Additional information’ section to provide information about you and your event to interested applicants. 
    • Next, please specify the dates when you are available for this event. You can also specify a budget for the expenses to give the applicants a better idea of what cost is involved, if any. 
    • You can choose to restrict viewership of this event to only those who are 18+ years of age, if you think this might be inappropriate for the younger user group.
    • When you press ‘Next’, it takes to another part of the form, where you can specify if you already have some people with you who will join in this event. For example, if you are a family, looking for a play date with another family, you can specify your family details here. 
    • You can ask questions to anyone applying, and send those responses along with the application. 
    • You can specify the details of who you are looking for in the ‘Event respondent required’ - which could be a single person or more. 
    • To make it useful and to generate interest in anyone browsing your event, we suggest you use the next section to add some pictures representing the activity you are proposing. You can also add link to youtube videos just below that. 
    • The next page shows you the event summary and you can choose to ‘publish’ or ‘Save(inactive)’ your event. If you just choose to save your event, you will have to activate it later so that it is available for others to browse and apply to.
  • You will get notification when someone applies to your event. You can click on Notifications   menu on the top right of the page when you login to get to the options where you can choose to see the following options:

  • You will find all the events you have created in the ‘My Hosted Events’ section. Here, the ‘Applications’ column lists all the applications you have received for that event. If you click on the number, you can see the application and applicant details. 
  • Find out more about the people applying to your event by clicking on the name of an applicant in the ‘Applied by’ column
  • You can see the date and time the applicant has specified they will be available. You can also see their answers to your questions in the ‘Questions and Answers’ column by clicking on the eye icon in this section 
  • You can chat with applicants using the chat icon and also respond to their questions, if they have asked any. 
  • To accept or reject participants, you need to click on  in the Application status column. For applications you are accepting, you will be asked to choose a date and time again. This date and time will be used for the reminders you will be sent for this event.
  • You can modify your events by visiting the ‘My Hosted Events’ submenu from the toolbox option  on the top menu of the landing page. You will need to be logged to access this page. In the page that opens up, you will see your events listed in the “My Hosted Events” in a list format. In the last column, there are options  for you to edit or update the event that you want to make changes to. 
  • The option takes you to your event forms so that you can review your whole event and change it. As a shortcut to visiting specific pages, like adding or changing pictures and video links, or viewing participants, you can use the other options. 

You can close your event for further applications. This could be useful for you if you do not want to see any more interest from applicants. The event would still remain available for others to view and you can still interact with people to add comments.

  • You will be notified of your approaching accepted events on email and on the website notifications  menu 1 day before your event start date.

If you would like to delete your event, you can do that by visiting ‘My hosted events’. In the actions, choose the icon to delete your event.

  • When creating an event, you can add other users who you expect will join with you on the event. Notifications inviting those users will be sent to them and they can then login to view and participate in the event you have created. 
  • For the event you have already created, you can ‘share’ the event details with your friends in your social media network using the option on the event details page or on the landing page. You can also choose to email the link to event instead, by clicking on the icon, which also allows you to just copy the url so that you can send it the way you like. 
  • You can also choose to edit your event to add users that you would like to be added to your event.
  • You can ‘share’ the event details with your friends in your social media network using the option on the event details page or on the landing page. You can also choose to email the link to event instead, by clicking on the icon, which also allows you to just copy the url so that you can send it the way you like.
  • In an emailed newsletter. You can choose to change the frequency of receiving these emails by using the toolbox option and choosing the ‘notification settings’ sub menu. Here you can change the frequency of emails to the one you like.  And on the website when you login - you can also manage the notification settings by editing the keywords that you want used for choosing the events that you will get notified on.

If you find an event objectionable, you can use the option given with every event listing to tell us about the issue you see with that event.

However, if you want to report a more general issue, please use the option provided in the bottom menu on the website.

Please use the  option provided in the bottom menu on the website. We would really appreciate your inputs.

Please use the  option in the bottom menu to tell us about the business you would like advertised and to provide us with your contact details.

  • You can search using any word that you think is relevant to your interest. Examples: Lakes, Windermere, boating, holiday etc
  • Enter your word in the space provided at the top 

Press enter click on the 

You have the right to have your data deleted and removed from our systems. You may use the 'contact us' (https://thistangle.com/Contact.html) form to request that your data be deleted. We will respond to you within 15 days.