About Us



Why does ThisTangle matter? 

ThisTangle represents a shared, intentional knot in the fabric of people's lives. The knot that entangles them to engage, meet for a purpose, activity or even a task, and gives them fulfillment and allows them to meet their objectives. It provides a shared harmonious moment in the lives of people who are otherwise probably set on disparate paths. Like when destiny intervenes to make two people sit next to each other in an aeroplane. Sometimes those people start talking and they are aligned so well that they end up adding magic to each other's lives. This platform is like that aeroplane, except that you don’t have to buy an aeroplane ticket or let airline policy decide who you would be seated next to. All you have to do is to think what you would like to do and then choose your partner from right where you are. 

It is our sincere hope and expectation that many people from different backgrounds, who may be worlds apart, could come together using this platform for a mutual interest that would leave them both happier and enhanced.




We see a lot of posts on social media asking for people to come together for activities as simple as playing an online game with someone or just get together for an activity which serves a purpose that leaves participants content at the end of it. You see different perspectives and separate social groups could get together for something as simple as having pot luck at the park. This Tangle is a platform where you can expect to get together with different people to serve mutual interests: from a walk in the park to attending a pottery class together, or even tick off something from your bucket list, the sky's the limit. All this without having to socialise on social media platforms. This Tangle focuses on keeping the spotlight away from the individual and focuses on their mutual interests between people.



CEO Letter 


When I started ThisTangle, it was after I observed a common gap, like a missing piece in a jigsaw, in the lives of people, including mine. Just like a 5000 piece puzzle, in life, there are far too many pieces to find the right one which fits. Also, people are good at hiding the missing pieces, maybe for the fear of judgement, and even if those two matching pieces come together, sometimes they fail to recognise each other. 

There are many reasons for that gap, and maybe each one has their own. A few of my friends, as an example, were frustrated at  having to leave their friend groups behind in order to adapt to a new culture when they moved to a new country for work. It can be daunting and change is uncomfortable in a new place. 

In other cases, the need might be temporary. When I used to travel for my work, I didn’t have much to look forward to in the evenings as I did not have any friends in Vienna, the city I would usually visit for almost 10 days every month. It would have been a great opportunity to interact with people that I already didn’t know, had there been a platform that allowed me to do that without the burden of judgement. 

When back at home, I felt a need to find other families that were in a similar situation as ours. My children were not of the same age as some of the families in our regular social groups. I would have loved to meet other families where all of us could find a person to interact happily with. 

In general, I wanted to meet people whose thoughts and situations would align with mine or my family’s. I wish I had a platform to call out to, to ask if someone with kids of a similar age is interested in trekking down the Chiltern Hills this weekend. Or, to meet someone in a different city for a chat so that I didn’t feel alone during my visit. 

This is the gap, the need that I hope ThisTangle fulfills. A platform for social and asocial people to have the opportunity to create events and make connections based on their common interests.